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Sodium Hydroxide

Properties: the pure product is colorless and transparent crystal, and sodium hydroxide has strong alkalinity and hygroscopicity. Soluble in water, exothermic when dissolved, the aqueous solution is alkaline and greasy; highly corrosive, corrosive to fibers, skin, glass, ceramics, etc. Reaction with aluminum and zinc, non-metallic boron and silicon to release hydrogen; disproportionation with chlorine, bromine, iodine and other halogens; neutralization with acids to generate salt and water.

Storage: sodium hydroxide shall be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. The storage temperature shall not exceed 35 ℃, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 80%. The package must be sealed from moisture. It shall be stored separately from inflammable (inflammable) substances and acids, and mixed storage shall be avoided. The storage area shall be equipped with appropriate materials to contain the leakage.

Application: sodium hydroxide is mainly used in the production of papermaking, cellulose pulp, soap, synthetic detergent, synthetic fatty acid and the refining of animal and vegetable oils. Textile printing and dyeing industry is used as desizing agent, scouring agent and mercerizing agent for cotton cloth. Chemical industry is used to produce borax, sodium cyanide, formic acid, oxalic acid, phenol, etc. The petroleum industry is used for refining petroleum products and drilling mud. It is also used for surface treatment of alumina, zinc and copper, as well as glass, enamel, leather, medicine, dye and pesticide. Food grade products are used in food industry as acid neutralizer, peeler for oranges and peaches, detergent for empty bottles and cans, decolorizer and deodorant.

When sodium hydroxide is used as the basic reagent, it can be used as neutralizer, cooperating with masking agent, precipitant, precipitant masking agent, absorbent of a small amount of carbon dioxide and water, developer for the determination of ketosterol by TLC, etc. it is widely used in the manufacture of various sodium salts, soaps, pulp, finishing cotton fabrics, silk, viscose fiber, regeneration of rubber products, metal cleaning, electroplating, bleaching, etc.   

In cosmetic creams, sodium hydroxide and stearic acid act as emulsifiers to make cream and shampoo.

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