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Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride, a chemical substance composed of chlorine and calcium, with the chemical formula of CaCl2. A little bitter. It is a typical ionic halide, white, hard fragments or particles at room temperature. Its common applications include salt water used in refrigeration equipment, road ice melting agent and desiccant. Because it is easy to absorb moisture in the air and deliquesce, anhydrous calcium chloride must be stored in a sealed container. Calcium chloride has important application value in food manufacturing, building materials, medicine and biology. Calcium chloride has outstanding adsorption capacity and low desorption temperature for ammonia, so it has great application prospect in the adsorption and separation of synthetic ammonia. The contact area between calcium chloride and ammonia can be greatly increased by loading calcium chloride on high specific surface carrier. The results show that the composite adsorbent prepared by loading calcium chloride on the molecular sieve has better adsorption performance and stability than the single adsorbent.

Industrial use 1, used as multi-purpose desiccant 2, chelating agent; curing agent; calcium fortifier; refrigeration refrigerant; desiccant; anti caking agent; anti microbial agent; pickling agent; tissue improver. 3. Used as desiccant, road dust collector, defoamer, fabric fire retardant, food preservative and calcium salt manufacturing 4, used as lubricating oil additive 5, used as analytical reagent 6, mainly used for the treatment of tetany, urticaria, exudative edema, colic of intestine and urinary catheter, magnesium poisoning and so on 7, used as calcium fortifier, curing agent, chelator in the food industry Mixture and desiccant. Desiccant, deicer and cooling bath. Medical use

Food: as a food ingredient, calcium chloride can play the role of multivalent chelating agent and curing agent. It has been approved by the European Union to be used as a food additive. Calcium chloride can be used as curing agent for canned vegetables.

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