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Chemical Seminar Held in Dongying

Issuing time:2020-06-11 09:40


On June 4, Dongying City held a high-end chemical industry seminar and docking forum. At the meeting, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the Institute and technology, Haike group, lihuayi group, Shengxing chemical, Huatai chemical and Fuhai group introduced the relevant information of the enterprise, and experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the enterprise conducted demand docking, discussion and exchange. Li Junfeng, vice mayor of Dongying attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

It was pointed out at the meeting that we should do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of petrochemical industry, promote the integration and transfer of local refining enterprises' production capacity; vigorously develop new chemical materials and high-end specialty chemicals, and promote the development of high-end chemical industry to safety, green, recycling, high efficiency and cluster; establish long-term contact and cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so that advanced concepts, leading technologies and scientific research achievements will blossom and bear fruit in Dongying City; and Focus on building the core area of high-end petrochemical industry base in northern Shandong, the demonstration area of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, and build a green recycling energy petrochemical base.

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