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Sulfonic Acid

Issuing time:2020-06-11 09:07


Sulfonic acid, a class of organic compounds formed by the connection of sulfonic groups with hydrocarbon groups (including aromatic groups). The general formula is r-so3h, R represents hydrocarbon, strong acid, relatively large water-soluble, used for making dyes, drugs, detergents, there are many methods.

General formula rso3h, where R is a hydrocarbon. Most sulfonic acids are synthetic products, only a few sulfonic acids such as β - aminoethanesulfonic acid nh2ch2ch2so3h exist in nature. Sulfonic acid group is a strong acid group with strong water solubility, and sulfonic acid is a strong acid compound with water solubility. Sulfonic acid group in aromatic sulfonic acid can be replaced by hydroxyl group and cyano group. It is the intermediate of preparing phenol and nitrile. Sulfonic acid can be prepared by sulfonation of aromatic hydrocarbon or oxidation of mercaptan. Methanesulfonic acid can be used as catalyst for esterification, hydrolysis and alkylation. The sodium salt of long chain sulfonic acidsuch as nc11h23ch2 is a kind of detergent which can resist hard water. Sulfonic acid groups in many dye molecules can make colored compounds watersoluble. Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate can be used as detergent. Sulfone chloride can be prepared from sulfonic acid, which is widely used in organic synthesis. The H part of sulfonic acid can be replaced by halogen atom and amino group. For example, sulfonyl chloride is a common intermediate in organic synthesis and analytical chemistry. Sulfanilamide is a kind of anti-inflammatory drugs. Saccharin sodium is also a sulfonamide.


Methanesulfonic acid is an important intermediate in organic synthesis and medicine. It is often used in organic synthesis as solvent, alkylation and fatliquoring agent. In the past few years, methanesulfonic acid has been proved to be a more and more popular substitute for fluoboric acid or phenol sulfonic acid. Methanesulfonic acid electroplating solution has been applied to tin and tin lead alloy electroplating. The performance of many new electroplating solutions largely depends on the quality of methanesulfonic acid used. Therefore, methanesulfonic acid is a promising chemical product.

Methanesulfonic acid is used as a catalyst for solvent, alkylation, esterification and polymerization. 99% of the product is mainly used in medicine, 70% of the product is mainly used in electroplating industry.

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