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Air Separation Water-Resistant Silica Gel

Issuing time:2020-06-01 13:57


The appearance of water-resistant silica gel for air separation is white spherical particles with high microporous structure, acid resistance (except hydrofluoric acid), alkali resistance and solvent resistance. Good thermal stability. Non toxic and odorless. It has high water resistance and adsorption. High compressive strength, long service life, low regeneration crushing rate is better than other desiccants. Air separation water-resistant silica gel, also known as water-resistant silica gel. Common silica gel is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier because of its open porous structure, large specific surface area and the ability to absorb many substances. However, it is easy to crack when encountering water, which reduces the particle integrity and affects the normal process. Good thermal stability. Non toxic and odorless. The utility model has the advantages of high water resistance, adsorption, high pressure resistance, long service life and low regeneration crushing rate. The air separation water-resistant silica gel is mainly used for air drying in the air separation process, acetylene adsorption in the preparation process of liquid air and liquid oxygen, drying of compressed air and various industrial gases, as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier in the petrochemical industry, electrical industry, brewing and other industries, as water purification in water treatment.

Main purpose

Air separation water resistant silica gel (fng) is used in air separation as adsorbent for carbon dioxide and acetylene in liquid air and liquid oxygen, desiccant for various gases, pre buffer desiccant for molecular sieve and silica gel protective bed, catalyst carrier and ion adsorbent.

1. Fine pore air separation silica gel (original fng-1) the main feature of this product is that under the condition of low relative humidity, it has a strong adsorption capacity for water, so as to play the role of dehumidification and drying. The selective adsorption of some harmful substances in the medium can achieve the purpose of purification.

2. Fine pore air separation silica gel (original fng-1) this product is compatible with coarse pore silica gel and fine pore silica gel. It is the best desiccant and purifier under low relative humidity or high humidity.

3. Air separation silica gel (fng-3) under the saturated humidity, the adsorption capacity of this product to water is generally more than two times that of the fine pore air separation silica gel. Therefore, in application, in order to achieve the purpose of drying and purification, it is generally used in combination with silica gel and molecular sieve. The product has ideal and stable pore structure and is widely used as catalyst carrier.

Notes edit

1. Do not open the package before using the air separation water-resistant silica gel to avoid moisture absorption and affect the use effect.

2. The air separation water-resistant silica gel is suitable for deep drying, and the use condition is suitable for the pressure greater than 5 kg / cm2.

3. After the air separation water-resistant silica gel is used for a certain period of time, the adsorption performance will gradually decline. The adsorbed water shall be removed through regeneration so as to repeatedly use the gas in regeneration operation (with dry gas with lower or same pressure than that in drying operation; with dry gas with higher or same temperature than that in drying operation; wet gas after heating up; wet gas after decompression).

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