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Does anionic polyacrylamide packaging affect the effect?

Issuing time:2021-03-20 16:48

Packaging quality also affects the effect of anionic polyacrylamide? Three points should be noted.

Anionic polyacrylamide is a kind of high molecular polymer, which is often used as flocculant in water treatment industry. The appearance of anionic polyacrylamide is white granular or powdery solid.

Longta anionic polyacrylamide packaging:

Our factory uses 25kg paper plastic composite packaging bag. It can also be packed according to customers' requirements. During storage and transportation, pay attention to prevent heat and moisture. Dry powder products will absorb moisture and agglomerate when exposed for a long time, and should be stored in a cool and ventilated dry place. The number of stacking layers shall not exceed 20, and the effective storage period is 2 years.

The advantages of using this packaging: vacuum packaging of anionic polyacrylamide can improve its moisture resistance, so as to protect PAM to play a better role in use. In the vacuum environment, the ionic structure of the product is better protected, and its stability will be better.

Note: the vacuum packaging anionic polyacrylamide also has kraft paper packaging products, which puts forward higher requirements for transportation conditions during transportation, that is, it cannot be extruded. If the extrusion strength is too large, the packaging is broken, and the product leaks, the gain is not worth the loss. In addition, the production cost is high, which causes the disadvantage of product price increase.

Packaging quality also affects the effect of anionic polyacrylamide, three points for attention when using Xianke water purification.

1. After adding flocculant aqueous solution to the anionic polyacrylamide suspension, if it is stirred vigorously for a long time, the formed molecular system will be destroyed, and the flocculation of the product will be reduced.

2. Anionic polyacrylamide has certain corrosiveness. Although the corrosiveness is very small, we can't ignore it. Therefore, when preparing anionic polyacrylamide aqueous solution, it should be carried out in enamel, galvanized, aluminum or plastic barrels, not in iron containers.

3. When dissolving, in order to make the anionic polyacrylamide get better dissolving speed and get sufficient dissolving, we should pay attention to evenly and slowly add the product into the dissolver with stirring and heating measures, and avoid excessive mechanical shear for a long time. It is suggested that the agitator should be 60-200 rpm, and the stirring time should be more than 30 minutes.

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