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What's the difference between flake soda and soda ash?

Issuing time:2021-03-06 09:38


What's the difference between flake soda and soda ash?

Flake caustic soda is a basic chemical raw material, which has room to play in chemical industry, petroleum industry, machinery industry and other industries. However, there are still some soda and caustic soda in the market. Users will have doubts when they buy them. They don't know whether there is a difference between them or whether they use one kind of thing. The difference between flake soda and soda ash is mainly understood through the following two points.

1. Flake alkali refers to solid Flake sodium hydroxide, sometimes called its solution as caustic soda. Soda ash refers to sodium carbonate, commonly known as soda powder.

2. It should be noted that flake caustic soda is a dangerous chemical. When diluted with water, water should be added into flake caustic soda slowly and stirred continuously. At the same time, a large amount of heat will be released during the dilution process, so the temperature should be controlled. If the addition order is opposite or stirring is not timely, danger will occur.

The above two points are the introduction of the difference between flake soda and soda ash, for reference only. In the purchase must go to the professional manufacturer to purchase, quality assurance.

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