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Ammonia is an inorganic substance with chemical formula of NH3 and molecular weight of 17.031. It is colorless and has strong pungent smell. The density was 0.7710 g / L. The relative density was 0.5971 (air = 1.00). It is easy to liquefy into colorless liquid. It can be liquefied under normal temperature (critical temperature 132.4 ℃, critical pressure 11.2 MPa, i.e. 112.2 ATM). Boiling point - 33.5 ℃. It is also easy to solidify into snow like solid. Melting point - 77.75 ℃. Soluble in water, ethanol and ether. At high temperature, it will decompose into nitrogen and hydrogen, with reduction effect. In the presence of catalyst, it can be oxidized to nitric oxide. It is used to make liquid nitrogen, ammonia water, nitric acid, ammonium salt and amines. In addition, hydrogen can be absorbed directly into the lungs and the lungs, causing swelling of the skin and the eyes

Main uses

Ammonia is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other fields. Nitrogen containing inorganic salts and organic intermediates, sulfonamides, polyurethanes, polyamide fibers and nitrile rubber all need ammonia as raw materials. In addition, liquid ammonia is often used as refrigerant, and ammonia can also be used as biofuel to provide energy.

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