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Sodium Sulfite

Issuing time:2020-09-12 08:52


Sodium sulfite is an inorganic substance, chemical formula Na2SO3, common sulfite, white, monoclinic crystal or powder. It can stimulate eyes, skin and mucous membrane and pollute water source. Toxic sulfide fume is produced by high thermal decomposition. It is mainly used in the production of cellulose sulfite, sodium thiosulfate, organic chemicals, bleaching fabrics, etc., and also used as reducing agent, preservative and dechlorination agent.

1. It is used for the microanalysis and determination of tellurium and niobium, the preparation of developing solution and reducing agent;

2. Used as stabilizer for man-made fiber, fabric bleaching agent, photographic developer, deoxidizer for dyeing and bleaching, perfume and dye reducing agent, lignin remover for papermaking, etc;

3. Used as common analytical reagent and photosensitive resistance material;

4. Reducing bleaching agent, which can bleach food and strongly inhibit the oxidase in plant food. According to the regulations of our country, it can be used for candied fruit with the maximum dosage of 2.0 g / kg; it can also be used for glucose, liquid glucose, sugar, rock sugar, malt sugar, candy, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms, grapes, blackcurrant concentrated juice, with the maximum usage of 0.60g/kg. The residues of bamboo shoots, mushrooms, canned mushrooms, preserved fruits, grapes and blackcurrant concentrated juice (calculated by SO2) ≤ 0.05g/kg; potato starch residues ≤ 0.03g/kg; biscuits, sugar, vermicelli and other varieties are less than 0.1g/kg; liquid glucose residues are not more than 0.2g/kg;

5. Printing and dyeing industry is used as deoxidizer and bleaching agent in the cooking of various cotton fabrics, which can prevent the local oxidation of cotton fibers and affect the fiber strength, and improve the whiteness of the boiled fabrics. The photographic industry is used as a developer. Organic industry is used as reducing agent in the production of m-phenylenediamine, 2,5-dichloropyrazolone, anthraquinone-1-sulfonic acid, 1-aminoanthraquinone, sodium aminosalicylate, etc., which can prevent the oxidation of semi-finished products in the reaction process. The paper industry is used as lignin remover. The textile industry is used as a stabilizer for man-made fibers. The electronic industry is used to make photoresistors. Water treatment industry is used for electroplating wastewater and drinking water treatment;

6. Food industry is used as bleaching agent, preservative, loosening agent and antioxidant. It is also used in pharmaceutical synthesis and as reducing agent in the production of dehydrated vegetables;

7. It is used to make cellulose sulfite, sodium thiosulfate, organic chemicals, bleached fabrics, etc., and also used as reducing agent, preservative, dechlorination agent, etc;

8. The laboratory is used to prepare sulfur dioxide

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