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Proton Center of Jinan International Medical Center

Issuing time:2020-08-30 09:08

New progress has been made in the construction of Jinan International Medical Science Center! On August 28, the reporter learned from the first company of China Construction First Bureau that the proton maintenance building of proton clinical research center of Shandong Cancer Hospital, which has attracted much attention, has been successfully capped on August 26, and the whole project will be fully completed by the end of the year.

According to reports, proton therapy is a special way of radiotherapy, the essence of which is "precision". The principle of proton equipment is that through cyclotron, particles can reach 70% of the speed of light. After entering the treatment chamber through the channel, it can accurately kill the tumor and effectively protect the surrounding normal tissues. Different from the traditional chemotherapy, proton therapy can effectively curb complications, such as central nervous system tumors, head and neck tumors, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, etc It is generally suitable, especially for children.

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