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Sodium Bicarbonate

Issuing time:2020-08-13 13:41


The molecular formula of sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO ₃, and the relative molecular weight is 84.01. White crystalline powder. Odorless, alkali, soluble in water. It decomposes slowly in humid air or hot air to produce carbon dioxide and lose all carbon dioxide when heated to 270 ℃. In case of acid, it will decompose strongly to produce carbon dioxide.

Sodium ion is the normal need of human body and is generally considered to be non-toxic. However, excessive intake may cause alkalosis, damage to the liver and induce hypertension.

Sodium bicarbonate begins to decompose into sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide gas at above 50 ℃, which is often used as a leavening agent for making biscuits, cakes, steamed bread and bread. Sodium bicarbonate will remain sodium carbonate after its action. If it is used too much, the finished product will have alkali taste.


Pharmaceutical industry

Sodium bicarbonate can be directly used as raw material in pharmaceutical industry to treat gastric acid excess.

Food processing

In food processing, it is one of the most widely used loosening agents, used in the production of biscuits, bread and so on, is the carbon dioxide generating agent in soft drinks; it can be compounded with alum into alkaline fermentation powder, can also be combined with soda ash for civil use; it can also be used as butter preservation agent.

Fire Equipment

It is used to produce acid-base fire extinguishers and foam extinguishers.


In rubber industry, it can be used in rubber and sponge production; in metallurgical industry, it can be used as flux for casting steel ingot; in mechanical industry, it can be used as molding aid for cast steel (Foundry) sand mold; in printing and dyeing industry, it can be used as fixing agent, acid-base buffer and after-treatment agent of fabric dyeing and finishing; adding baking soda in dyeing can prevent yarn drum from color blooming; pharmaceutical industry is used for acid making It can also be used as wool detergent and agricultural seed soaking.

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