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Industry Guidelines for the 14th Five Year Plan

Issuing time:2020-07-31 13:49 on July 30, the "14th five year" planning guide for petrochemical and chemical industry, sponsored by the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, was held on the live platform. The meeting analyzed the achievements of petrochemical and chemical industry in the 13th five year plan, industry status quo and hot issues, future industry characteristics and development trend, etc., studied and put forward ideas for optimizing the development and layout of petrochemical and chemical industry, and proposed the development focus and implementation path of the industry in the "14th five year plan". The meeting was presided over by Li Zhijian and Zheng Baoshan, vice presidents of petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, and President Li Junfa delivered a speech.

According to Li Junfa, the comprehensive strength of China's petrochemical and chemical industry continued to improve during the 13th Five Year Plan period, but the unbalanced development of the industry still exists. During the "14th five year plan" period, the industry will continue to implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing, adhere to the basic national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, firmly follow the road of civilized development with production development, rich life and good ecology, take the supply side structural reform as the main line, promote high-quality development as the main direction, and take the huge domestic demand market as the breakthrough point, We should gradually solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development.

Bai Yi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, pointed out that the development idea of the industry in the "14th five year plan" is to promote the supply side structural reform into a new stage with the core of de capacity and making up the weaknesses, and the main line of structural adjustment and upgrading. At the same time, we should vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven and green sustainable development, actively cultivate strategic emerging industries, constantly optimize the industrial structure, product structure, organizational structure and layout structure, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the industry.

Zhao Wenming, deputy director of the Petrochemical Department of the Institute, believes that the growth rate of China's petrochemical industry will slow down in the future, but the structural shortage will still exist. Therefore, efforts should be made to promote structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. While accelerating the transformation and optimization of oil refining industry, we should enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of olefin and aromatics industries, and focus on guiding the downstream industries to realize high-end transformation. At the same time, we need to attach great importance to the risk of excess and homogenization of the whole industrial chain brought by the new round of large-scale expansion of production capacity, and optimize the pace and mode of industrial development.

"In the future, modern coal chemical industry should change from the pursuit of development quantity to the pursuit of development quality, so as to improve the industrial competitiveness and seek technological breakthroughs. The main direction of coal to oil and gas is upgrading of key technology and equipment and optimization and improvement of system; low-level coal separation and utilization should focus on single series of million ton industrial pyrolysis technology; coal to olefin and coal to ethylene glycol should optimize and improve the quality of existing capacity, and make prudent decisions on New capacity; chemical hydrogen production should follow the development demand and carry out industrial integration and complementarity. " The Institute of energy and Chemical Industry Deputy Chief Engineer Han Hongmei said.

Li Yan, deputy director of the Department of materials and chemical engineering of the Institute, believes that China's output scale and growth rate of new chemical materials rank first in the world, but the self-sufficiency rate in some subdivision fields is insufficient. During the "14th five year plan" period, we should break through the urgent need of new materials in key application fields, lay out a batch of Frontier new materials, speed up the initial market cultivation of key new materials, and improve the basic guarantee level of new chemical materials in the industrial field.

"At present, China's traditional chemical industry has been relatively mature. In addition to nearly half of potash fertilizer relying on imports due to the lack of domestic resources, other traditional chemical products are in the leading position in the world. In the future, fertilizer industry should reduce weight and increase efficiency, promote the transformation of raw material route, and vigorously develop new fertilizers. The pesticide industry should develop friendly and innovative pesticides; the soda industry should promote the application of advanced technology and eliminate backward production capacity; the chlor alkali industry should promote the transformation of raw material routes and promote the prevention and control of mercury pollution. " Wang Yu, assistant to the president and director of the Department of energy and chemical industry, said.

Li Qiang, director of the engineering planning department of the Institute, suggested that we should continue to promote the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical production enterprises, standardize the construction and development of chemical parks, promote China's industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain, and cultivate world-class chemical industry clusters.

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