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Distilled Water

Issuing time:2020-07-25 15:00


Distilled water refers to the water that has been distilled and condensed. The water that is steamed twice is called heavy steam water, and the water that is three times is called three steam water. Low oxygen consumption water, potassium permanganate and acid industrial distilled water are obtained by distilled water method. The article introduces the concept of distillation, distilled water, repeatedly distilled water, standards, production methods, advantages and uses of distilled water, and compares with deionized water, high purity water and ultra pure water.


Distillation is a thermodynamic separation process. It makes use of the different boiling points of the components in the mixed liquid or liquid-solid system to make the low boiling point components evaporate and then condense to separate the whole component. It is the combination of evaporation and condensation. Compared with other separation methods, such as extraction, filtration crystallization and so on, its advantage is that it does not need to use other solvents other than the system components, so as to ensure that no new impurities will be introduced.

Primary distilled water

After one distillation of water, the nonvolatile components (salts) are removed in the container, and the volatile components (ammonia, carbon dioxide, organic matter) enter the initial fraction of distilled water. Usually, only the middle part of the fraction is collected, accounting for about 60%.

Multiple distilled water

In order to obtain more pure water, alkaline potassium permanganate solution can be added in the primary distilled water to remove organic matter and carbon dioxide; non-volatile acid (sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid) is added to make ammonia become non-volatile ammonium salt. The pure silver can only be obtained by distilling a small amount of quartz in the vessel or in water for many times.


1. In daily life, when it is generally related to machines and electrical appliances, the main function of distilled water is that it does not conduct electricity, so as to ensure the stable operation of machines and prolong the service life of electrical appliances.

2. In the pharmaceutical industry [5], the role of distilled water is due to the low permeability. Wash the surgical wound with distilled water to make the residual tumor cells swell, rupture, necrosis and lose activity, so as to avoid the growth of tumor in the wound.

3. Some of the chemical experiments in school need distilled water, which has no electrolytes, free ions or impurities. You need to analyze the specific problems, to see if you can take advantage of its non-conductive properties, or its low permeability, or the role of no other ions that will not cause chemical reactions.

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